Business Intelligence that works for you

Barakuda is a full-service Business Intelligence service and solution provider based in the UK.


We are experts at using Microsoft SQL Server to help you get the most from your data.


Our consultancy and cloud based managed service solutions we can equip your business with enterprise level BI capabilities for a fraction of the cost. Whether you're looking for a fully managed BI platform or some help with your own solution, we can help.


Alternatively our new Rapid Business Intelligence Tool can help you build your own business intelligence platform at the press of a button. Simply load a specification file into the tool and point it at your SQL server. The tool does the rest and you have a full BI solution from source to OLAP cube. You’re ready to reporting instantly.


Rapid Business Intelligence Tool

What is it?

Our Rapid Business Intelligence (RaBIT) Tool allows you to build BI solutions at the press of a button. 


How does it work?

The tool uses a specification file as its input. The tool reads the file in, determines what objects need to be built, confirms what the solution will look like, then goes away and builds it. You can effectively go from a specification to a full BI solution in seconds. 

The resulting solution includes; staging tables, warehouse tables, dimensions, measure groups, a cube and the ETL procedures needed to populate the lot. It supports degenerate and SCD type 1 & 2 dimensions. It can build you basic date and time dimensions. It creates all the appropriate primary keys, surrogate keys and foreign keys. It can even be used to extend existing solutions, tacking on measure groups and dimensions to existing cubes or making use of existing dimensions in new measure groups and cubes.

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Business Intelligence Managed Service

What is it?

Our Business Intelligence Managed Service provides your organisation with an on-demand, enterprise grade information team giving you Business Intelligence capabilities without any hassle.


How does it work?

Our expert team take care of everything you need to benefit from Business Intelligence.

  • Ensuring your data-warehouse is always available and up to date
  • Developing any new reports as and when required
  • Analysts on hand to help you gain insight and delve deeper into your data

Is this just another black box BI product?

We're not even a box, our solution is unique. Think of us as your fully functioning information team available as and when you need us. We give you all the functionality large organisations benefit from without the enterprise price tag.


Why do I need BI?

The goal of BI is to help you make more informed and better decisions about your business. BI solutions accomplish this by making it easy to identify trends and issues, uncover new insights, and fine-tune operations to meet business goals.

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